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The most original and entertaining tower defense game in 2021! A high-quality SRPG masterpiece.In this magic world, every player can become a great hero. Choose your favorite warriors and fight for your country.Come to join the great expedition with your friends. Fight for glory and win with your wits, strategy and tactics!

Game Features

1. Super rich game content: Fight, idling, collection, cultivation, strategic tower defense Demon Tower, Ultimate Arena Thousands of element combinations: barricades, totem buff, element runes A breakthrough of the traditional tower defense, manually-activated ultimate skills, play it at your will The richness of its content is waiting for you to discover! 2. Fascinating and highly strategic: Battles of wits among players from different camps, interrupting opponent's skills and removing their ultimate skill buff Seize the right moment of using skills. Attack, defense, and overall planning, the world is in your hands! 3. "Hands-free" idle cultivation: Easy game, one-click upgrade Send hero squad for autofight, one-click victory Simple operation, enjoy the pleasure of relaxation and freedom 4. Fierce PVP: Online cross-server battle with players from all over the world, claim the top spot! Fight monsters with clever use of ultimate skills, guard the crystal, act now!

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Customer Service Email: ace-cs@onemena.com

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